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Package (Avon Properties)
Newark, New Jersey 

466, 493., 499 Avon Ave | 3 Properties, 5 Units

Asking Price: $347,000

After Repair Value: $945,000

Repair Estimate: $300,000

Estimate Gross Profit: $298,000

Legal Units: 5 (3 Family, plus 2 Row Houses)

Property Taxes: Pending City assessment

Town Website: Newark, NJ 

Description: 3 Properties. Each property in need of full (gut) renovations.  First property is a 3-family with 6 beds and 3 baths, and each Row House has 3 beds and 1 bath. Properties are part of a City redevelopment sale and must be fully rehabbed with permits and a CO in order to resell by Order of City of Newark.  Cash Buyers or some Hard Money lenders only.

$445,000    466 Avon Ave  Appraised 10/2020
$240,000    493- Avon Ave Appraised 10/2020
$240,000    499 Avon Ave  Appraised 10/2020

$945,000    Total                 Appraised 10/2020



Property Gallery:

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